The main goal of the company Abela Pharm is to place efficient, quality and safe products on the market. 

Specialist staff, high hygiene and safety standards, adequate equipment and controlled conditions of the working environment are the way to obtain a product of the desired quality. 

We comply to very strict demands, from product development, through procurement and receipt of the raw material and all to the production of finished products ready to be delivered. 

We are very rigorous when it comes to the quality of raw material used in the production. Only the purest and the most efficient ingredients of the renowned local and global producers may be found in the Abela Pharm products. 

All steps during the production process are documented and reviewed by the quality assurance sector. Special attention is paid to quality checks for each individual batch of products. 

Quality control of the finished products is carried out by external accredited laboratories, as a result of which an expert opinion is obtained about the health safety of the finished product. Based on this expert opinion and the production protocol, the authorized qualified person issues a decision on the quality and marketing of certain batch of products. 

By implementing Good manufacturing practice (GMP) and the HACCP principles we make certain that only the highest quality products get to bear the Abela Pharm company trademark. 



 Nacionalna nagrada za
unapređenje kvaliteta
                                  Zahvalnica za svestranu podršku
aktivnosti i afirmacije kvaliteta
                                  Povelja za Abela Pharm savez
ininjera i tehniara Srbije


ISO 22000                                                 ISO 9001                                               ISO 13485



JUSK                                                                  DDP                                              HACCP SERTIFIKAT VETERINA 





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