Abela Pharm LCC was established as a company for development and production of high quality pharmaceutical products. The company is promoting expertise, modern work organisation and teamwork, above all. We invest exceptional enthusiasm and energy into everything we do and especially in introduction of new, quality and competitive products. In coming years, we intend to promote, change, improve and develop everything we have done, in line with the expectations and needs from our clients.


There are no obstacles for the company Abela Pharm but only challenges which we may respond to with our knowledge, experience and strength. Our work is based on the following principles:

Social responsibility

We are committed to the greatest possible extent to preservation of health and we are responsible towards the beneficiaries of our products and services.


Our further development is based on improvement of mutual trust with our clients through joint and transparent operations.


In order to achieve the added value for our customers, partners and employees we are fully committed to achieving the highest quality level of our products and services.


We are setting high standards so as to become support to all interested parties by improving the know-how and skills, as well as to ensure full accomplishment of the vision by means of modern management.



„ Justify the customers’ trust.“ PhD., specialist of pharmacy Davor J. Korčok - General Manager
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